Think About This.....

If a person grumbles about the cost of a postal stamp, someone may say to them, "deliver the package yourself three states away and see how much you grumble then." This is often the way disc jockeys look at their rates. They would like for you to think about purchasing all the equipment, all media, a tuxedo, rental van and other incidentals that all disc jockeys encounter, then compare what you would be spending if it weren't for them offering their inflated rate.

Picture Tells the Story...

Many wedding planners and disc jockeys will lead you to believe it is imperative to meet several times, attend rehersal dinners and other scrupulous detail.
These techniques are designed to inflate your cost and the results are virtually nil.
Along with traditional weddings, we also do many chapel weddings in which we've never met the bride and groom and receive their formalities sheet as they stand in the corridor. The picture to the left, although staged, tells the story. The minister probably never laid eyes on them until eight minutes ago yet he is obviously enjoying himself, the couple is happy, and isn't that what counts anyway? Some of the most memorable and heartfelt weddings and receptions for me personally, have been where detail is second to the joy of marriage.

Are We Right For You...

I suppose you already have many thoughts and ideas of how your wedding day should be. If you want a successful wedding reception, spend a little time planning and preparing and you will have a special day that you and your guests will cherish.
Make a list of everything no matter how small or unimportant it may seem and discuss with your fiance and begin to catagorize the most important to the least. Some things you may decide not to use at all.
The one person of all the persons helping with your special day that will have the biggest impact and impression on you and your guests will be your disc jockey. We take a simple approach and keep the day about you. We ask you now to call us, let's talk and see if we are right for you...




Wedding Themes and Styles

Wedding themes and styles are abundant and limited only by your imagination.

* Do you love nature and value preserving our environment? Go with a "Green
* Have you always loved sports and athletics? go for a "Sports Theme"
* If you're a couple that loves the simplicity of country charm and being out in
  nature? have a "Farm Wedding"
* Is the Christmas season your favorite time of year? 
* Why not center your wedding around a particular TV show, era, or theme?
* From Victorian to Hollywood Glamor, Formal to Casual, Country Club to
  Tailgating, something is perfect for you!  
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